AATC Bylaws Update

by Sherry Jordan

Serving the best interests of the Association has been a great ride. I’ve been at it loving every second for a very long time. My latest job hasn’t been the sexiest, but it has been an important task – working with a dedicated team of seasoned leaders to re-write AATCs bylaws. I know you’re yawning, but don’t turn the page! It’s a really big deal.

With the help of Candy Maxey, Jodi Spurrell, and Charles Stroud, we took our time carefully sifting through the Association’s fundamental rules by which we’re governed. Bylaws reflect the culture, mission, and strategic direction of the organization. They’re designed to strike an appropriate balance between flexibility and specificity.

Amendments to our bylaws require board and member approval. That’s the reason for this article—we want everyone to know what we’re up to. AATCs board of directors said “yes” to the changes I’m about to review, so now it’s your turn. If you have questions or concerns, send me an email at sjordan@lumacorp.com or reach out to our CEO, John Mitchell, at jmitchell@aatcnet.org, and one of us will get back to you. We need to hear from you by the end of this month. After that, we’ll make some final additional adjustments then ask our directors to consider the end result when they meet next on Aug 14.

Here’s a brief summary of the adjustments we’ve made:

3.3 Conflicts of Interests – Omitted language redundancy.

4.5 Classifications – Merging IRO & Corporate into a single “Owner-Manager” category – reducing AATC member classifications to 3, including OM, Property & PSC. IRO remains a special-interest committee.

5.1 Annual Dues – Clarification regarding AATC’s dues payment schedule.

6.1 Annual Meeting – Clarification regarding AATC’s annual meeting in Jan.

7.1 Board of Directors – Clarification reflecting the classification merge in 4.5.

7.8 Board Meetings – Added “virtual agendas.”

7.9 Special Board Meetings – Added “electronic” notifications.

7.10 Board Notices – Clarified our current practice.

7.12 Executive Committee Meetings – Added “virtual agendas.”

7.13 Special Executive Committee Meetings – Added “electronic” notifications.

8.1 Officer & Director Nominating Committee – Adjustments made reflecting Jan leadership/program year, and we added a notification requirement.

8.4 Recommendations – Added “electronic” notifications.

8.5 Responsibilities – Adjustments made reflecting our move to a Jan leadership/program year.

8.6 Additional Nominations – Adjustments made reflecting our move to Jan leadership/program year.

8.7 Canvassing Committee – Changed person responsible for receiving additional nominations.

8.10 Responsibilities of the Treasurer – Clarified budget preparation and changed the name of the Governance Committee to “Budget & Finance Committee.”

8.12 Responsibilities of the Secretary – Omitted Canvassing Committee reflecting a change in 8.10.

8.13 Responsibilities of the Immediate Past-President – Changed the name of the Communications Committee to the “Marketing Committee” reflecting its current role.

8.17 Election of TAA Directors – Adjustments made reflecting our change to a Jan leadership/program year and clarified current practice.

8.18 Election of NAA Delegates – Adjustments made reflecting our change to a Jan leadership/program year and clarified current practice.

9.2 Succession – Added new language providing for a response to a CEO vacancy.

10.3 Responsibilities of Standing Committee & Council Chairs – Added “electronic” notifications and made adjustments reflecting our change to a Jan leadership/program year.

10.4 Purpose of the Government Affairs Committee – Adjustments made providing for a GAC chair serving 2-year terms of office.

10.7 Purpose of the Budget & Finance Committee – Name change from Governance to “Budget and Finance” committee with related clarifications while omitting prior responsibilities of the Governance Committee. Note the design for a Governance Committee, including numerous roles, was never implemented.

10.9 Purpose of the Communications Committee – Name change from Communications to “Marketing” Committee, clarifying the committee’s primary role.

Yes, I know this seems like a lot of new rules, but rest assured, it’s not. Most of these changes are simple clarifications rather than big ground-breaking changes to our beloved Association. The most significant thing we’ve done is formally move our annual leadership/program year from Oct to Jan, like many others, including AAGD and TAA. That means our cornerstone event, and the Lone Star Awards Leadership Celebration is moving to Jan 29 at Texas Motor Speedway, the same day Jason Busboom takes the reigns charge as our new President.

If you’re a details nerd and want to see every sentence, although you’ll probably need a cat nap somewhere along the way, here’s the link to view.

Sherry Jordan is Vice-president of LumaCorp, served as the Association’s President in 2017-2018, and currently serves as a member of AATC’s Executive Committee as well as our Bylaws Committee Chair. For additional info on our Bylaws, reach out to the Association’s CEO, John Mitchell, anytime at www.aatcnet.org.