AATC & AAGD are Collecting Donations for Toys for Tots!

by Wesley Chapman, Lowe's - MSH, AATC's 2019-2020 Community Services Chair

AAGD and AATC have officially kicked off our Toys For Toys annual Toy Drive.  This year the need for toys is much greater than in the past so we are hoping we can count on our wonderful members to make a difference this holiday season.  

The donation deadline is approaching quickly! All donations must be received by November 15th. Donate here: https://www.aagdallas.com/Toydrive  

Just like everything else in 2020, the Toy Drive will look much different than we are used to.  We will still have the Christmas Reception on December 8th at the Renaissance Addison Hotel as we have in the past, however, we will NOT have the huge stage of toys or the beautiful toy boxes on display in the hallway.  While we realize this takes away elements of the event that are the favorites of most attendees, this change helps ensure the safety of all attendees.  The reception will be smaller in scale but we will have plenty of room for social distancing, networking, taking Christmas photos, and great food!   

NEW THIS YEAR:  ALL TOYS MUST BE PICKED UP BY ONE OF THE PICKUP COMPANIES!  You must schedule your appointment online with them.  They will deliver your collected toys directly to the Toys for Tots warehouse.  No toys are to be delivered to the hotel.  Repeat:  We will NOT be accepting toys or toy boxes at the hotel this year due to COVID.  Please plan accordingly and schedule your pick up now! No toys at the hotel also applies to the event itself; we will not be accepting toys as guests arrive. We typically encourage you to bring a toy or two to drop in one of the big boxes at the hotel entrance, but this is not allowed this year as a safety precaution. 

Please know that your participation will be making a huge difference in the life of a child, especially in such a challenging year! We could not do this without you! 

We have posted all the participation information on our website and you can access it at the link below: 

Wesley Chapman, Lowe’s – MSH, is AATC’s 2019-2020 Community Services Chair. For more information, contact Annie Williams at awilliams@aatcnet.org