A Texas-sized View!

by John Mitchell, AATC CEO

The Apartment Association of Tarrant County is one of 25 regional apartment associations affiliated with the Texas Apartment Association in Austin, as well as 170 state and local affiliates represented by the National Apartment Association in Alexandra, Virginia. When your business invests in AATC, the dues they pay automatically makes them a member of TAA and NAA. It’s a buy-one, get-three kind of deal.

What’s the difference? Although the simple answer is geography, the larger picture is perspective. When AATC members volunteer to serve on a state and or national level, they’re thinking about Multihousing advocacy or education or business engagement well-beyond Tarrant County. We find ourselves engaged in discussions concerning apartment owners, managers, developers, and suppliers from Texarkana to El Paso and Alaska to the Florida Keys.

Each year our Apartment Association board selects a handful of deeply-engaged, highly-motivated leaders to represent AATCs interests as members of the Texas Apartment Association’s board of directors. These are the people who carry the torch representing more than 1,700 members of the apartment association here in Fort Worth. We depend on this small group of dedicated people to care for our business interests so the majority of us can focus on our day-to-day responsibilities in north-central Texas.

Early this summer AATCs board selected an outstanding group of TAA directors who’ve already begun 1-year terms serving as members of the Texas Apartment Association’s board of directors. These Multihousing leaders have been asked to attend four TAA board meetings including the first scheduled this summer in Austin, the next here in Fort Worth this fall, back to Austin next February and the last in Houston next spring.

AATCs TAA directors include: Darcy Bixby, Westdale; Nicolle Block, AMLI; Paul Brown, MSHQ; Jason Busboom, Busboom Group; Sherry Jordan, LumaCorp; Chris Lee, Earthworks; Candy Maxey, Greystar; Michael Payne, Allmark; Dawn Waye, CityGate; and Patti Utley, BH. In addition, we’ve selected several alternate-directors including: Cayce Coon, Madera; Anita Hord, Pace; Doug Johnson, Hillwood; Jackie Cagle, Rasa; and Laura Williams, ALN.

If you’re interested in a Texas-sized view, these are the wonderful people we’re proud to say, represent you. We’d encourage you to reach out to any of them anytime and share your view.

For additional information on AATCs relationship with TAA, please feel free to contact AATCs Executive Director, John Mitchell at jmitchell@aatcnet.orgor any member of the association’s staff. We’d be pleased to help you.