Epicurean Dinner: A Killer Good Time

By Mike Follis, Apartments.com

The AATC Cowtown Epicurean Dinner, a PAC fundraiser like no other, was once again a success! On Tuesday, November 12th, the Reata Rooftop was packed full of AATC advocates trying to stay warm. Changing it up from the past few years, we eliminated the progressive dinner element and kept the event in one location. The unique cuisine and Cowtown culture Reata offers did not disappoint. We added another element of fun this year, a murder mystery game, where each of our 14 teams were assigned a character to portray. As teams arrived and appetizers were passed, attendees were searching for a series of clues hidden throughout the rooftop to help them solve the mystery. Teams worked together throughout the night to determine who had blood on their hands!


While we had a killer time, the purpose of the event was not forgotten. Our PAC fundraisers allow us to give financial support to candidates who support the multifamily industry, and we couldn’t do it without our members. We are proud to report that our Cowtown Epicurean Dinner raised $19,000 for the AATC PAC. And as with all events, it wouldn’t be possible without our sponsors, so special thanks to MFI Flooring for being the title sponsor of this prestigious networking fundraiser!

Mike Follis, Apartments.com, is AATC’s 2019 Epicurean Chair. For more information, contact Annie Williams at awilliams@aatcnet.org