Apartment Onsite Teams Day – Let’s Celebrate Our Onsite Teams!

Join us in recognition of our apartment onsite teams, Wednesday, August 12, for Apartment Onsite Teams Day.

We will be celebrating the vital rental housing professionals who have kept our rental housing communities together during the COVID-19 crisis. With so many new daily protocols and restrictions being implemented throughout our lives and workplaces, our onsite teams have continued to serve the over 40 million Americans calling apartments home on a daily basis, often going above and beyond the call of duty.
In honor of these teams, we would like all our members to participate in our Apartment Onsite Teams Day!

Who can join?
ALL apartment community members, from across the nation, are welcome and strongly encouraged to join us.

Still wondering how to celebrate #APTeamsDay? We’ve made it easy for AATC members!

  1. Step 1: on August 12, celebrate your onsite teams with a photo/video, etc to promote them on your very own social media platforms by using the hashtag #APTeamsDay. We recommend posting photos AND videos. Let’s really show the industry what we’re about!
  2. Step 2: In addition to Step 1, if you’d like to be included in the follow up AATC #APTeamsDay video that we’ll share on AATC’s SM platforms a few days after, click on the ‘upload’ button below to submit your team photo (no videos on this one) of your onsite team!

We’re also providing a toolkit to guide for you to easily participate in the special day! Tool kit can be found below, which will allow participants will be provided with logos, ads, flyers and ideas for gifts like t-shirts, meals, onsite signage, or gift cards–all available for you to download and implement onsite.

Your toolkit is equipped with many marketing materials to celebrate your vital onsite team members, including:

  • Digital ads for websites
  • Social media sample posts and graphic
  • T-shirt artworks
  • Full page ad/flyer
  • Celebration Recommendations
  • Facebook Frames

We’d love to see you share in your celebration!

Upload your photos here!

For more information, please feel free to contact us!

Ed Blinn | Annie Williams | Jessica Jackson | Gregory Ann Goldrick

#APTeamsDay Took Kit

Your toolkit will include:

Regardless of how you choose to celebrate our onsite team members, share your celebration with us on social media using the official hashtag: #APTeamsDay.