Big Numbers

AATC is constantly looking for ways to acknowledge and recognize all those companies that go above and beyond when it comes to supporting the backbone of this association. These companies contribute to our PAC, donate to our charities, advertise in our magazine and take it upon themselves to sponsor huge programs and events every year at the association. There is a strong need for this kind of support to keep the association moving along in the right direction to help our owner/property management companies.

This group is part of a unique and prestigious club at AATC, we call it The President’s Club. Their status doesn’t make them any better than any other of our wonderful vendor-partners, it’s an attempt to say, thank you for the deep commitment each has made to our vision for the DFW multihousing business.

Based on certain criteria we measure every spring, we add-up the investments made beyond membership dues totaling more than $10k. That’s a big number. It tells us these people are truly “invested” in AATC. This is something the owner-manager side of our business needs to consider—support those who support you. This goes for all vendor-partners, not just the President’s Club. We ask that you always consider AATC Members first.

Here is the list of our 2019 President’s Club members, I doubt you’ll be in shock! McMahan’s Flooring, Inc, Impact Floors, Maintenance Supply, Earthworks, Huhem Law Firm, Century AC, ALN Apartment Data, Reliant, Service Response Team, Stowe’s Independent Services,, Green Mountain Energy, Rasa Floors, Element Enterprises, Arbor Carpet, Camp Construction, and Sherwin-Williams. What a great group!

Thank you all so very much for the investments you’ve made in our association family. These are the folks at the top of the game.

Nicolle Block serves through the end of September as AATC’s President. For additional information regarding AATCs Presidents Club, reach out to Ed Blinn, the association’s Director of Communications at or call him 817-616-0351.