2018 DFW Multifamily Salary Survey

by Perry Pillow, AATC's Director of Government Affairs

To help our members budget employee costs, AATC along with AAGD commissioned J Turner Research to conduct a biennial DFW area multifamily housing salary survey (aatc-aagd_salary_survey_2018.pdf)

The 2018 data is based on the information from leading DFW area multifamily owners and operators including Alpha-Barnes, American Equity Properties, AMLI, Atlantic Housing, Centerstone Management, Exponential Property Group, Fort Worth Housing Solutions, Hillwood, Lancaster Avenue Apartments, Lincoln Property Company, Milestone, Nicklas Foundation, Pinnacle, Portico Property Management, South Oxford, The Martino Group, and Westdale.

Job descriptions surveyed were supervisors of regional managers, regional property managers, property managers, assistant property managers, leasing professionals, maintenance supervisors, and maintenance assistants.

In addition to compensation, the survey gathered information on employee benefits, healthcare, and cell phone and auto expense reimbursement policies.

This year’s report includes tables that compare units managed, employee longevity, compensation, and bonus payments in 2018 to 2016 and 2015.

As expected, compensations strongly correlate to units managed and longevity.  Supervisors of regional property managers who oversee more than 10,000 units are paid more than $63,000 ($180,000 vs $116,500) or 55% more than those that manage 2,500 units or less.  Likewise, salaries for supervisors of regional property managers with more than fifteen years with their company are $60,000 above those with five years or less of company longevity.  Regional property managers showed smaller spreads:  regionals 25% for units and 10% for longevity.

Other significant survey information includes more than 60% of the companies offer 401(k) employer contributions and on average companies pay 89% of their employee’s health care premium.  Cell phone costs are reimbursed by more than 60% of respondents and 95% reimburse for auto expenses.  The survey also provides information on vacation/PTO, sick leave, leasing commission structures, holidays, etc.

Below are salaries as of November 1, 2018.

Supervisors of Regional Property Managers
Average Base Salary:         $128,000
Average Bonus:                  $  24,000
Average Units Overseen:   4,400

Regional Property Managers
Average Salary:                  $97,000
Average Bonus:                  $12,500
Average Units Overseen:   1,575

Property Managers
Average Salary:                   $55,500
Average Bonus:                   $  5,225
Average Units Overseen:    291

Assistant Property Managers
Average Salary:                    $35,175
Average Bonus:                    $  3,500

Leasing Professional
Average Salary:                    $29,000
Average Bonus:                    $  6,750

Lead Maintenance
Average Salary:                   $49,600
Average Bonus:                   $  2,625
Average Units Maintained:  298

Maintenance Assistant 
Average Salary:                    $34,000
Average Bonus:                    $  1,800