Membership Open House

Attendees pictured include program hosts, recently joined members, as well as Membership committee members.

The AATC Membership Committee hosted another successful New Member Open House on September 6th! Program hosts included AATC Past-President Nicolle Block; 2018 P/SC Chair Jackie Cagle, Rasa Floors; as well as our Membership Committee Chair Lani Grant; Impact Floors. This program allows for recently joined members to network with industry leaders and peers while also having the opportunity to discover the many benefits of an AATC membership investment and how best to get involved within the association. Our Membership Committee platform has been heavily focused on engaging our members to ensure they are well-informed on how to make the most of their membership investment: participation in association events and committees, making industry connections, and fostering and building those relationships. Whether you’re a company with unlimited resources and time, or a startup with limited availability, we at AATC pride ourselves in our ability to find the right place for you within our association to make your membership worthwhile.

If you’re interested in making new connections and being a part of the heart of AATC, join the membership committee today! Sign up here!