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Your Journey to Productivity

March 16, 2018

There ARE best ways to make the most out of your day – whether you are a regional supervisor, a property manager, a maintenance technician, a maid or a leasing consultant. Here are two tips […]

Articles - Second Third

Leading Yourself

March 7, 2018

Best-selling author Daniel Goleman once said, “The best gift you can give the people you lead is a healthy, energized and focused self.” Realizing that’s somewhat out-of-the-box, the leaders I know typically spend most of […]

Articles - Second Third

Practice Makes Permanent!

February 16, 2018

I thought that it would be timely to bring this up because of our New Year’s Resolutions!  Remember those?  How are you doing with keeping up with the resolutions you committed to just last month?  […]

Articles - Second Third

Keep Movin’

February 13, 2018

One of my all-time in the history of anywhere humorists is the once well-known actor, musician, and columnist, Will Rogers. Although many of you have only heard his name mentioned by a parent or a […]