AATC Recognitions

Each year, our outgoing President takes delight in recognizing the outstanding achievements of members who have given their heart and soul to the Association for the previous 12-months. 2020 was no different. With every challenge that laid before us last year, there were always members that were there to help us along the way. We are extremely grateful for every single member’s efforts that put forth the time and effort to help us overcome our challenges. A handful of members received special recognition in 2020, and we’d like to highlight them here.

Members of the Year

`AATC Members of the Year recognizes supplier partners and owner-managers who made special efforts for the Association, almost always without being asked to do so. These people show remarkable initiative in times of great opportunity and are always ready to step up to the plate.

The first supplier partner Member of the Year is a very special member who serves as a board member and serves as a Committee chair. He has the unique ability to make the entire leadership team smile every time he walks into a room. No matter what is going on, he will bring sunshine to every discussion. We can always count on him to do anything we need, and he has rapidly become a big part of our AATC family and our heart. His enthusiasm is contagious.

Please join me in congratulating my first member of the year – Keith McAndrew with Precision Appliance Leasing.

For the second supplier partner Member of the Year, it warms our hearts to be recognizing this amazing lady from our leadership team. She is always among the first to step-to-the-plate and volunteer her time and resources. She serves as a member of our Board and takes the lead every time we ask. She makes no secret that she loves AATC and will do anything possible to help us succeed.

Let’s give a huge congratulations to – Lani Grant with Impact Floors.

Our owner-manager Member of the Year recipient is a senior property supervisor in the DFW area who has a heart for the people she serves. She’s quick to praise, determined to help people succeed, thoughtful, kind, and considerate of everyone’s time and talents. This woman is a ray of sunshine for everyone she encounters.

Put your hands together for  – Darcy Bixby with Westdale.

Jerry Earnhart Distinguished Service Award

This recognition is not a regular occurrence. It is only presented when a person becomes an obvious selection after many years of faithful service to the Association.

Prior to 2020, our distinguished service award has only been presented 10-times during the Association’s 63-years. Previous recipients include an amazing list of endearing people starting with its namesake, Jerry Earnhart, followed by Dan Odom; Steve Thurber, Celia Huff, Terry Jones, Larry Duncan, and Pierre Rouly, Cindi Scoggins, and most recently, Mike Clark – a pretty fantastic group of people.

This year’s recognition goes to someone who has been involved with AATC for several years – two decades, to be exact. His dedication to our industry is impressive as well as unparalleled. There is not enough time to list the accomplishments and the contributions he has made to our organization. Literally, everyone knows him and relies on his steady knowledge and guidance as well as his leadership and participation.

So, without further delay, please give it up with a huge congratulations for AATCs 11th Distinguished Service Award recipient – the one and only Mr. Charles Stroud.

Congratulations, Charles. You deserve our highest praise.

Candy Maxey, Greystar, is AATC’s Immediate Past-President. For more information, contact Ed Blinn at edblinn@aatcnet.org